1-Prepare your resources & assemble your team:

Make sure that you have the resources in place to purchase this property. This includes securing pre-qualification for a loan and enlisting the help of one of our Free Buyer agents. We do not recommend contacting the owner and navigating the negotiations and closing process on your own. Assembling your Team is a crucial part of this process; you will need a lender, a buyer agent (familiar with the Bank Owned Process) a home inspector, contractors, etc. A great Team may be the difference between great success and great failure. Ask your Buyer Agent, family and friends for recommendations.

2-Evaluate bargain/investment potential

With your Broker determine if this property represents a good bargain or investment opportunity. Start by subtracting the estimated amount owed from the property's estimated market value to determine the property's estimated equity. DO NOT forget to calculate caring cost (Utilities, Mortgage, Taxes etc.)

3-Submit an offer and close the deal

Your Broker will let you know how you can view the inside of the property and how to submit an offer for the property. If your offer is accepted, both sides simply need to satisfy the terms of the purchase agreement to close the deal. Our Bank Owned Property Brokers will help with negotiating and closing. Our Services are FREE to Buyers!! Call 508-813-6875